RecPress structured data for jobs

Outputting structured data on a recruitment site is particularly important for jobs.

Structured data is machine readable code, output on a web page which is invisible to page visitors, but used by search engines to understand the type and context of page content.

Search engines use structure data to help them index the pages quicker and more accurately.

You can find out more about structured data, specifically for recruiters, using the link below:

What does RecPress do to structured data for jobs?

Structured data for jobs contains some required fields. Often, when recruitment agencies post jobs, some of the fields that are required are fields which agencies don’t want to complete.

The best example of this is the company name for a job. In the structured data this is output as hiringOrgsanization. Recruitment agencies don’t really want to add the name of the company for the job they are recruiting for as they don’y want candidates going directly to the company.

Most job board plugins have a field for company name for each job, however it is more appropriate to output the recruitment agency name as the hiring organisation is these instances.

RecPress provides a single field to enter a default company name, which is then used as the hiring organisation for all the jobs on the site.

How else does RecPress improve job structured data?

It can become quite complicated when jobs are marked as remote jobs. For example, even remote jobs require to have a location.

RecPress ensures jobs that are sent as a remote job, are set correctly as a TELECOMMUTE job in the structured data, and that they always have a country value.

A fallback country field is provided in the settings to ensure all remote jobs have an associated country.


RecPress provides all of the tools and settings to ensure that your website outputs valid structured data for each of the jobs on your site.

This ensures them the best possible change of being indexed by search engines.