Manipulating WP Job Manager structured data

Written by Mark Wilkinson on September 19, 2023

The WP Job Manager plugin outputs structured data markup for each of your sites jobs. This is done to provide Google with valuable information about each job, which Google then uses to index your jobs correctly.

There are times when you might need to make amendments and changes to this data. This can be done using the WP Job Manager structured data filter.

Take a look at this example code, which you could place in your themes functions.php file, or better still in a plugin.

 * Ensures that the hiringOrganisation is always present in the strucrtured data.
 * @param  array   $data An array of the current structured data.
 * @param  WP_Post $post The current post object.
 * @return array         The maybe modified array of structured data.
function recpress_edit_structured_data( $data, $post ) {

	// set the name to the recruiter name.
	$data['hiringOrganization']['name'] = __( 'Highrise Digital Ltd.', 'recpress' );

	// return the data.
	return $data;


add_filter( 'wpjm_get_job_listing_structured_data', 'recpress_edit_structured_data', 10, 2 );

We are utilising the wpjm_get_job_listing_structured_data filter which allows us to manipulate the structured data.

In this example, we are forcing the hiring organisation name to always be “Highrise Digital Ltd.” for all jobs.

To find out more above structured data for jobs read our article titled “Structured data: The recruiter’s guide” on the Highrise Digital blog.